Laptop Recommendations

Dirk Koopman djk at
Wed Nov 28 14:08:46 GMT 2007

Nigel Rantor wrote:
> Basically, I'm looking for a really fast (well, fast as possible given 
> size), light machine with 3G that can be plonked on a desk at work and 
> hooked up to a monitor and used for development but can also be taken to 
> the far out reaches of my g/fs flat that has no wifi, broadband or 
> indeed telelphone line and still get online...
> Put it this way, I think if the SZ series came with XP (I need to run a 
> couple of windows apps) and was fully compatible with Debian or Ubuntu 
> I'd probably already have bought one.
> Any other recommendations that might fit the bill?

Boring old Acers are cheap and cheerful, but do the job and can come 
with XP. They are Ubuntu compatible and will also run compiz/beryl out 
of the box. However, I don't know what the 3G thingy inside is (is it a 
real AT modem or some "winmodem" chip?) so I can't confirm whether that 
is linux compatible.

You can choose from: TravelMate 4280_3G or Aspire 5680-3G

It is possible that 3G modules can be added to others.

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