Laptop Recommendations

Andy Armstrong andy at
Wed Nov 28 16:01:17 GMT 2007

On 28 Nov 2007, at 15:41, Andy Wardley wrote:
> But quite frankly, the idea of having a shiny OSX machine (Unix That
> Just Works[tm]) and running Windoze on it is really rather silly.

I'd say VMWare Fusion rather than Parallels incidentally. I've used  
Parallels for a few months, decided to try Fusion when Parallels  
barfed on a couple of Linux distros (Gentoo, Gutsy) and discovered  
that Fusion also runs Windows more effectively. I couldn't easily  
forget that I had a Windows VM running under Parallels - occasionally  
the machine would become pretty jerky and unresponsive for a few  
seconds. I get none of that with Fusion.

I have a paid up Parallels licence if anyone would like it :)

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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