Laptop Recommendations

Robert Shiels robert at
Wed Nov 28 16:40:07 GMT 2007

Peter Corlett wrote:
> Well, Apple don't grok 3G, as evidenced by the iPhone, so I wouldn't hold
> your breath for a 3G-capable one. However the machines do have built-in
> Bluetooth, so you can just use a phone as a wireless modem instead.
I have 2 Dell laptops - a Latitude X200 which is very light has worked 
flawlessly since I got it about 4 years ago, and a D600 (owned by work) 
which is bulkier but again has worked for years and runs an average of 
10 hours a day. Both run windows, but I've seen Linux working on the 
X200 that a friend has.

I'm after an upgrade too, and would be happy to go for Dell again 
probably, though I think you do have to spend more to get the good 
machines (Inspirons not as good as Latitudes)

I hear the T-mobile dongle things work well.


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