Tube spoof-recordings

Andy Wardley abw at
Thu Nov 29 08:46:12 GMT 2007

Andrew Black wrote:
 > But London Underground didn't find them funny - they sacked Emma Clarke

Although, as the article states, they didn't sack her for making the
recordings.  They sacked her for being wildly misquoted as saying the
tube was awful.  In fact she was saying that travelling on the tube
would be awful because she would have to listen to the sound of her own

I saw an interview with [famous actor] recently (sorry can't remember which
one, but it was someone old and prestigious). He said he had never seen
himself act because he made a point of not watching any of the films
he made. The idea of watching himself on screen was just too unpleasant.

It made me wonder how he got as good as he did without ever having any direct
feedback.  I can't imagine I would be much of a programmer if I spent a
lifetime writing code but never running any of it.


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