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Thu Nov 29 17:11:19 GMT 2007

On Thursday 29 November 2007 16:13, Bruce Richardson wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 29, 2007 at 08:46:12AM +0000, Andy Wardley wrote:
> Presumably he's a stage actor and has quite some experience of acting
> without watching his own performance.  Screen acting is different, it's
> true, but there's a director to provide feedback.
Yep, I suspect knowing what they look like could actually be detrimental to 
(some) actors acting.  They'd probably rather just concentrate on the role, 
(rather than on how they come across), do it, do it well, and move on.

I do remember seeing an interview with Ian Holm, (Alien, Third Element, etc. 
etc.), who said he'd considered giving up acting because he got such bad 
stage fright.  To see him looking so (seemingly) relaxed and thoroughly 
'into' such strong roles is almost difficult to reconcile with his view on 
his performance.  Perspective is everything.

Richard Foley
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