Tube spoof-recordings

Andy Wardley abw at
Thu Nov 29 17:41:59 GMT 2007

David Cantrell wrote:
 > He got feedback from the directors, his fellow actors, the camera crew,
 > and so on.  You might as well ask how a stage actor can get to be any
 > good given that he never sees himself acting.

Yes, of course.  A thinko on my part.

I think what I was trying (but failing) to get at, was more about him not
seeing the end result of the artistic project as a whole (i.e. the making of a
film), rather than his own individual performance or those of his fellow cast

I guess it underlined the fact that he was a "traditional" actor who happened
to do more film than live work. But other that the fact that he was on set
rather than a stage, he treated it as an acting job that was finished when the
director called "cut". He wouldn't want to watch a film of himself acting any
more than you or I would be interested in watching a film of ourselves working
from two years ago.

Wish I could remember who it was now.  Someone like Alec Guinness, perhaps?
Anyway, it's probably not important.  He was very good all the same, whoever
he was.


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