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Ian Docherty londonperlmongers at
Sat Dec 1 21:09:03 GMT 2007

Roger Burton West wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 03:48:52PM +0000, Alison Young wrote:
>> The most important thing I learned from the entire exercise is to look up the 
>> phonetic alphabet beforehand. Unless you do this, you'll suddenly realise that 
>> the only word you can think of that begins with P is parakeet. That's if you 
>> can think of a word at all.
> Which phonetic alphabet, he asks innocently...
> R
For those people who really annoy me on the telephone my name is spelt...

D as in Dvorak
O as in Oedipus
C as in Cue
H as in Heuristic
E as in Eye
R as in Rubicate
T as in Tsunami
Y as in You

It puts them in their place! ;)

Ian Docherty

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