Alternatives to version numbering

Marcel Grünauer gr at
Mon Dec 10 13:50:28 GMT 2007

On Dec 10, 2007, at 1:53 PM, Leon Brocard wrote:

> The only version numbers which make sense are numbers
> which sort sensibly. That means only one dot.

Neither asciibetical sort nor numerical sort are the be-all
and end-all. Specialized value types require specialized

Ranks in Go start with around 30-kyu ("30k") and progress
up to 1k, then go to 1-dan ("1d"), then up to 7d (usually).
After 7-dan, there are pro ranks ("1p", etc.).

They can't be sorted with plain sort() [1] but that doesn't
mean that someone should force Go players to use simple
numbers so they can use their language's built-in sort().

[1] Incidentally, Games::Go::Rank by YT knows about their

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