Emergency Social: London.pm "Work" Christmas Lunch

Greg McCarroll greg at mccarroll.org.uk
Wed Dec 12 15:25:20 GMT 2007

I recently realised that while I'm blessed with CFT, I've screwed up royally in the
time of year I've chosen to have it. Namely, the work Christmas party season.

So in the absense of flaming streamer attacks, tequilla fueled arguments with
my acct. mngr. over who was the best for the team, 'no,no,no, lil! listen to me
you ....... *hic* bloomin rawk!' or my head of consulting ordering the 700
quid bottle of port this year. I've decided to create a virtual staff party
for myself, gellyfish and anyone else who hasn't got one or just fancies coming

So if you'd like to go to a virtual staff lunch, come along to de hems on saturday
for 12:00-13:00, we'll be leaving 14:00 sharp. If you'd like to give and receive
a present email, j n s (without the spaces) AT gellyfish (rhymes with cot) com, who
has agreed to organise a sekrit santa to add to the kitsch-ness. There is likely
to be ad-hoc plan making that will involve belgium beer/food and i've also heard
some theories about either ice skating or watching fellow mongers fall on their
faces while ice skating, but its all entirely up for grabs.

Bonus points for anyone who brings crackers.


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