(forw) YAPC:Europe 2008

Leon Brocard acme at astray.com
Sat Dec 15 20:15:59 GMT 2007

On 14/12/2007, Greg McCarroll <greg at mccarroll.org.uk> wrote:

> Anyone want to become travel czar?
> All you have to do is figure out a good flight for us and hotel, so that a
> single hotel can enjoy the true misery that having London.pm descend on it
> can offer? Bonus points if we can find a bavarian folk singer to kidnap.

Dear me, I appear to have become travel czar. For YAPC::Europe I
recommend staying at:

CAB INN Scandinavia

The rooms are very small and it's a few stops from the venue. But it's
very practically CHEAP and closer to the center of town so you can
spend more on Carlsberg and smørrebrød.

We can fly using SAS (I recommend booking with http://www.flysas.com/)
12 Aug 2007 LHR 20:10 -> CPH SK1508
17 Aug 2007 CPH 18.15 -> LHR SK1507

It's quite far ahead, but at least you have some plans now ;-)


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