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Markus Linke markus.linke at
Thu Dec 20 02:12:27 GMT 2007

Contact Update

Hi London.,

I'm updating my address book and I want to be sure we keep in touch. Can you take a look at the info I have for you below and let me know if it's out of date?
Many thanks,
Markus Linke
markus.linke at

Name: London. M
Title: (Title)
Department: (Department)
Account: (Company)
Mailing Address Street: (Mailing Street)
Mailing Address City: (Mailing City)
Mailing Address State: (Mailing State/Province)
Mailing Address Zip: (Mailing Zip/Postal Code)
Mailing Address Country: (Mailing Country)
Email: at
Phone: (Phone)
Mobile: (Mobile)
HomePhone: (Home Phone)
Fax: (Fax)
Assistant: (Assistant)
Assistant Phone: (Asst. Phone)

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