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Fri Jan 4 00:11:08 GMT 2008

Paul Makepeace wrote:
> On 1/3/08, Randy J. Ray <rjray at> wrote:
>> Free oxygen (i.e., that part not bonded to dihydrogen) will gradually vacate
>> the premises.
> Right, I understand this from their webpage but they don't explain why
> this is (in their words) "healthful".
>> In addition, particulates (dust, dander, etc.) will also settle
>> on the surface.
> I could see that this would be a bit unappealing. That said, cats lick
> their own arses, and thirst is a strong driver, so I'm not sure
> particulates would necessarily slow 'em down _too_ much...

It's not so much a matter of better *for* them, as it is just more appealing.
Encourages them to stay better hydrated, rather than waiting until they too
thirsty to care what's floating around...

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