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Mon Jan 7 18:19:22 GMT 2008

On Nov 29, 2007, at 04:08, Chris Devers wrote:
> I'd suggest one better and try AlphaBaby as the screen saver:

So far this has been the most effective option, thanks for pointing  
it out. It's roughly equivalent to having your security settings set  
to require your password upon exiting the screen saver except that,  
since I try to be a good boy, I have a rather longish password that's  
painful to type, while — since it's all the same to the cat — I'd  
much rather type "quit". The only downsides are that a) it's arguably  
one of the ugliest screen savers ever made, and b) if one stays away  
from the laptop a little longer than planned and it goes to sleep, it  
will be revived without typing any password — but I can live with both.

Other suggested options haven't fared as well:

Various uses of violence (hitting, throwing a slipper, removing  
brutally, etc.) are enough to convince her not to do anything she  
isn't allowed to only so long as there's a human being within arm's  
reach (being in the same room used to be enough, but isn't anymore).

Water? Akin to other examples quoted here, she comes into the shower  
in the morning to chase drops, and then wallows in it (before hopping  
off to trot all over anything clean she might find).

Putting her in another room and ignoring her a while works really  
well on the other cat that we're sitting. With her we just find her  
sleeping happily, ready to start anew with fresh energy.

As for finding a smell that she doesn't like, I can't seem to get  
one. She's not fond of orange peels, but not enough to deter her, and  
anything else she just ignores. This is a cat that eats pickled  
olives, picks up small pieces of raw garlic that falls into her paws,  
and will gobble down the smelliest French cheese money can buy. As a  
side note, I cannot advise against the latter strongly enough. You  
would be surprised at all of the volume, density, and intensity of  
farting that such a small furball can produce.

Thanks all for the suggestions!

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