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Jonathan Rockway jon at
Wed Jan 16 18:26:51 GMT 2008

On Wed, 2008-01-16 at 13:10 +0000, Andy Wardley wrote:
> Yar m'hearties!  A call to arms!
> Perl appears to be rather under-represented over on 
> Maybe it's because we're all too busy doing real work with Perl to hang
> around fanboy sites talking about how Perl rocks and notPerl sucks.
> Or perhaps it's because we already have our own monasteries for that
> purpose :-)

Yes and yes.  Proggit, I've found, is 90% high school kids that think
they know all about programming, but haven't written anything more than
"Hello World".  This results in instances where I wish I had a large
stick for beating commenters senseless, but I digress...

There is a definite preference for Python and Ruby on proggit, so too
actively mentioning "Perl" is going to get you modded down by the
bot-like people.  ("Perl is unreadable!  Downmod!  Now back to

Examples of successful titles I've submitted:

 * Moose vs. roll-your-own OO [perl]
 * Teamwork with screen and vim
 * Why I use perl and still hate dynamic language weenies too
 * Perl's object system really isn't that bad

Unsuccessful titles:

 * Profiling your Catalyst + DBIx::Class application
 * new Perl test harness is out; support for parallel test running

Basically, people want general articles that aren't too Perl-specific.
"Cool new way of doing OO", yes.  "Specifics on the details of specific
Perl libraries", no.  (I want to read those, though; so keep putting
them on use.perl and Planet Perl :)

JMHO.  Be careful what you submit, because the word "Perl" in your title
automatically makes people mad for some reason.  (I don't get it. I like
reading about Python, Ruby, Haskell, etc...)

> Although reddit has gone rapidly downhill since the Digg invasion,
> there is still a smattering of intelligent conversation to be had.
> So like Perl, it's not dead yet.

Agreed.  I regret visiting more and more each day... but I still
visit :)

> BTW: Post articles to the programming sub-reddit.  Don't bother with
> the main - it'll get bot-voted out of existence in seconds
> unless you put "Ron Paul" in the title.

Or, [pics] [NSFW].  Maybe that's the ticket:

  * Perl takes her clothes off! [pics] [NSFW]

Jonathan Rockway
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