Black Lion Guest House still recommended?

virtualsue virtuallysue at
Fri Jan 18 15:20:47 GMT 2008

Joel Bernstein wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 10:38:32AM -0800, John Costello wrote:
>> Someone mentioned off-list that he had heard of a 'bad experience' at 
>> Black Lion, and suggested that I check with LondonPMers whether 
>> Black Lion Guest House still is recommended.
>> Any horror stories to share?
> I believe the original recommendation came from me. I stayed at the
> Black Lion again about 6 months ago, however, and had a rotten
> experience. I would no longer recommend staying there. Without informing
> me, they moved me from a double room to a single one day while I was out
> onsite with a client, because "we charge per person not per room and we
> can rent this room to 2 people for more" which rather annoyed me, but
> not half as much as it annoyed the people who were .. busy .. in the bed
> when I opened the door with my key and walked in.

Free pr0n and he's complaining!  But yes, I'd give them an earache for 
moving me from one room to another without warning.

> I think it's safe to say that people should avoid staying at the Black
> Lion, and I recommend that remove their endorsement from the
> website. Or at least offer a caveat that the Black Lion is cheap for a
> reason.

Definitely cheap for a reason (but that's the way it works). Even more 
expensive hotels can be very rubbish service-wise (Jurys Heathrow is 
just one case in point -- I wouldn't mind if BA rammed a jetliner into it).

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