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Mon Jan 21 17:43:26 GMT 2008

--- Aaron Trevena <aaron.trevena at> wrote:

> On 21/01/2008, Jeff Anderson <captvanhalen at> wrote:
> > $class.^can('foo')
> >
> > That syntax is nearly as elegant as mud is not. :P
> Yes - what's wrong with just having a can method, it's say not ^say,
> so why the silly hat?
> And yes, I am bitching about perl 6, mostly because I'm starting to
> write code in it and some of the syntax changes like this are just
> WTF.

I think the problem here is that when you universally shove things into
all objects, you force your changes on everyone.


That's actually shorthand for:


You can still do this:


But if another programmer needs to override can() in a subclass, you
can still allow easily reach the original can() method, if needed. 
This method is properly kept in a metaobject (fetched, of course, with
$class.HOW) which is separate from the class itself.  It's a good step
towards metaprogramming, but since 'can' isn't entirely honest, it
seems broken to me.

Since not many people get into metaprogramming, however, it might not
have much effect.


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