introspection (and Perl 6)

chromatic chromatic at
Wed Jan 23 23:35:53 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 23 January 2008 14:51:37 David Cantrell wrote:

> Please also make sure that you post on the assumption
> that other people on the list are intelligent, thinking people
> expressing genuine concerns, even when they disagree with you.

Precisely which of your phrases "line-noise", "more stupid features", 
and "smashing punctuation characters together", "usual stupid 
bleats", "obfuscatory chains of punctuation", "condescending know-it-all" 
were intelligent, thoughtful concerns?

Which of Mr. Anderson's phrases "snobbery, pure and simple", "living in some 
fantasy world", "syntax is nearly as elegant as mud is not" also fit that 

I'm not sure that "Operators I've never seen before make my eyes hurt and 
there's no way I'll ever use them ever and you'd be crazy to use them 
yourself" is really the way to start a reasoned discussion.

Clearly it was my mistake to continue.  I'll leave you all be now.

-- c

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