Most Perl 6 will look like Perl 5

Struan Donald lpm at
Fri Jan 25 10:22:01 GMT 2008

* at 25/01 07:23 +0000 Matt S Trout said:
> On Thu, Jan 24, 2008 at 03:09:08PM -0800, Ovid wrote:
> > However, some things in Perl 5 which are virtually impossible to do
> > will now be possible.
> Somebody should make a list of those somewhere.
> Then we can implement them in perl5 and stop worrying about vapor6,
> the brilliant language design research project that lots of people seem to
> be wasting their lives trying to implement.

I know this is where snarkiness is next to cleanliness but
the level of it on both sides of the Perl 6 debate seems way too
close to 11. 

It is _only_ a programming language.


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