Most Perl 6 will look like Perl 5

Mark Overmeer mark at
Fri Jan 25 12:26:19 GMT 2008

* Peter Hickman (peter.hickman at [080125 12:00]:
> Abigail wrote:
> >Even something simple as C<< $hash {key} >> requires THREE changes, it
> >will now become C<< %hash{'key'} >>. 
> Cool. If I understand this right all my modules are going to break on 6 
> and if I fix them they will be broken on 5.
> Take your time with 6 guys, take your time.

Perl6 is a new language, with a name confusingly close to an
existing language.  With maybe a few crypting exceptions, you
cannot create programs which run on both Perl5 and Perl6.

You can run both on Parrot, and this way use the new language to
extend your old code (with some limitations)

It is not a useful idea to try convert code from Perl5 to Perl6
automatically either (although attempts are made), because the new
language is much nicer features.  The code produced by awk2perl is very
poor compared to a rewrite of the perl program from scratch; same here.

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