Most Perl 6 will look like Perl 5

virtualsue virtuallysue at
Fri Jan 25 14:53:05 GMT 2008

Abigail wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 01:54:05PM +0000, virtualsue wrote:
>> Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
>>> On 25 Jan 2008, at 13:45, Peter Corlett wrote:
>>>> Just rename Parrot to Parrot Virtual Machine, Perl6 to Parrot, and a 
>>>> whole
>>>> load of tedious flamewars retreading the same tired old arguments will go
>>>> away.
>>> *applause*
>> It would be nice if Perl6/Parrot would stop using a perfectly good version 
>> number that Perl really needs.
> Well, we could do the same trick as SUN/Solaris did. Since we ('the perl5
> crowd') don't have any plans to increment the major version number,
> we might as well drop it.

That made a bit more sense than their first version trick (4.x -> 2.x). :)

> So, the next major version of perl would be perl 12.

Not the worst idea. I would have a much easier time getting that past infra management. They weren't 
impressed to hear about 5.1(0) when they already had 5.6(.1) and 5.8(.8). You don't mind if random 
people on the street don't get it, but it's not fun to have to discuss such a mundane thing with the 
people who control the servers.

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