Most Perl 6 will look like Perl 5

Dirk Koopman djk at
Tue Jan 29 17:18:52 GMT 2008

Aidan Samuel wrote:
> This is roughly how my thought process went:
> If a large minority (or small majority) of perl5 developers stay
> behind and refuse to accept perl6, we could end up with 50% of cpan
> modules being developed for 5, and 50% with 6 in mind. As time
> progresses, a 5 programmer will find more and more modules on the 6
> track failing to work, and vice-versa. Potential users will be scared
> off, not knowing which one to choose and will be seduced by Java. All
> the extra man-hours wasted on writing code in such a verbose language
> will exacerbate the economic downturn experience in, initially, the
> US. Bush will be re-elected and will again fail to ratify the Kyoto
> protocol and the earth will choke on it's own smog, thus withholding
> from the human race the opportunity to develop intergalactic space
> travel, and hence confining the few survivors to the surface. The sun
> will eventually go supernova and consume all life in our solar system,
> hence rendering all human endeavour ultimately pointless.

You had me worried there, but as we all know ('cos the Beeb + world + 
dog seem to banging on about it daily): Bush can't be elected again.

So we can all breath easily again.

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