Sandboxing class modules with instances of a CGI script

Mark Knoop mark at
Wed Jan 30 09:50:49 GMT 2008

> On 30 Jan 2008, at 00:46, Mark Knoop wrote:
>> If I am going to tidy up my code by splitting things up into class 
>> modules then I am in a dilemma as to whether to have lots of  different 
>> versions of the modules or whether to centralise my class  code and risk 
>> breaking something somewhere that I may not pick  easily be able to pick 
>> up on whenever I update the modules. If I go  for the former do I just 
>> put the modules next to the CGI script  somewhere in the site directory 
>> structure or is there a tidy way to  have multiple versions in my lib 
>> path and require a specific version  from each CGI instance?
> One set of modules with a rigourous set of tests. Should do the trick :)
> -- 
> Andy Armstrong, Hexten

Ah - I suspected that might be the correct answer. Along with my foray into 
OO I am also trying to figure out where my project boundaries should be in 
Subversion and what unit tests I should have. Then all I need to do is 
figure out mod_perl and I might even be employable ;)


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