[OT] user-management bit of web apps

Justin Hawkins justin at hawkins.id.au
Wed Jan 30 14:57:57 GMT 2008

Simon Wistow wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 09:37:49AM +0000, Matt S Trout said:
>> It is, admittedly, better than the "web framework" I wrote once ... but I
>> had the sense to chuck that out and replace it with Maypole and then later
>> Catalyst.
> And this here (and the bits I've elided) is the 'problem' with web 
> frameworks, at least from my point of view - which I realise is not the 
> same as other peoples'.
> So, I start off with a problem that requires some sort of dynamic web 
> app type malarkey. So I go look at all the available web frameworks that 
> are out there. And there are a lot.
> A lot.

I do this too.

Each time I do my research, go through some tutorials, install some 
modules. Tell myself that scaffolding and ajax and ORMs are all the bees 
whiskers and I oughta know them.

A short while later I give up, go and deploy HTML::Mason and get some 
stuff done.

It's not very shiny, new or web 2.0.

But I loves it.

	- Justin

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