GODWIN'S LAW INVOKED. THREAD OVER - Re: Most Perl 6 will look like Perl 5

Martin A. Brooks martin at antibodymx.net
Wed Jan 30 23:23:56 GMT 2008

Mike Whitaker wrote:
>>>>> Quirk's exception.
>>>> Picadilly Circus.
>>> Cockfoster's.
>> Sadly, you've played yourself into a corner. MC in 17.
> Nonono. MC in five. Barrington-Cooke's gambit.
> Sudbury Hill. 


Your making the, frankly, childish assumption that the player following 
will call a bluff on Finsbury Park, Hornchurch and all stations wtih 
step-free access.  What you should be looking for is a player opting for 
1st calling on stations with 3 or more line intersections and making 
sure they don't declare a Platform Overload bonus.

Have you not read the fucking rules?  Sheesh.


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