[OT] user-management bit of web apps

Simon Cozens simon at simon-cozens.org
Thu Jan 31 13:48:50 GMT 2008

Matt S Trout wrote:
>> So Matt's gripes had nothing to do with my earlier gripes? I don't think so.
> Respectively, no they didn't, and you seem to have a superfluous word on
> the end of that sentence.

Matt, I say this for your own good, and because about seven years ago I 
used to be where you are now and Piers took me aside and said the same 
thing: You are being an obnoxious twat, and have been doing so for the past 
few years. For the sake of your future, I think you should stop it.

You've achieved something mildly successful which makes you think at some 
level you're better than everyone else, and which leads to you thinking you 
have the right to demean everyone else's intelligence. The arrogance trip 
you get out of needlessly insulting others certainly feels good when you're 
young and invincible, but it doesn't look good on your CV, and in the days 
of Google, your london.pm posts are very much in the same category as your CV.

And aside from that it makes you into a twisted and bitter person. Many of 
us here might *play* the twisted and bitter person role from time to time, 
in the spirit of the BOFH, but it's just a joke. (Except maybe Bob. I'm not 
sure about Bob.)

Lighten up, brighten up, or if you can't do those things for now, shut up.

The funny thing is, if I didn't care, I'd be perfectly happy to let you 
continue to make a public spectacle of yourself. But for some insane 
reason, I do care, and so I'd rather you didn't.

> But if you want to waste time reinventing wheels, that's up to you. I just
> wish people wouldn't put so many half-assed reinventions on CPAN when there
> are already several perfectly round alternatives that between them fit
> pretty much any axle and tire.

Oh man, you should have been at the Kansai.pm frameworks seminar last week, 
you'd have had a whale of a time - yet another load more Maypole 
wheel-reinventions[1], which hide under the radar in CPAN because they're 
all in Japanese!

[1] Oh yes. I hope you gain a sense of irony sometime soon, too.
<Masque> It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
<purl> Then it's a sport!

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