views on "Catalyst" by Jonathan Rockway ?

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Thu Feb 7 15:41:12 GMT 2008

I appreciate all of this discussion as the publisher sent me a copy of
the book so long as I agreed to post a review on Amazon and my blog (it
will be on my OnLamp blog).

So far the review will be mostly positive, but the poor editing is a
serious drawback.  I know Jonathan is a top-notch developer with a
strong experience in Catalyst, so I was pretty sure that the editorial
issues were not his fault and it's nice to have some confirmation. 
Also, I'd love to find out why the publisher does not yet host the
errata for the book.

--- Dave Hodgkinson <davehodg at> wrote:

> > It really needs a couple  
> > more rounds of heavy editing.
> Much like Catalyst...

What my review *won't* be is a review of Catalyst itself.  It's a great
framework, but implementing plugins via multiple inheritance is
frustrating.  I actually had one developer tell me (make sure you're
not drinking anything when you read this) "we're re-envisioning OO". 
Fortunately, Catalyst developers have realized that this doesn't work
terribly well, so they now warn against this:
Of course, CGI::Application uses mixins, which is hardly better due to
ordering problems.  Sigh.  Traits are *so* much better for making stuff
like this work:


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