Traits, r nigel at
Fri Feb 8 14:01:41 GMT 2008

> Yeah, it's more old skool certainly :)
> It's exactly the same solution (with the same attendant problems) as hooking 
> into vectors in DOS or BBC MOS.
> We just haven't achieved clear separation between chunks of behaviour and 
> their relationship to events and objects yet. Traits/Roles are lovely - and 
> clearly a step in the right direction - but there's more work to be done.


Although I think some progress is happening. For example, I'm amazed at 
how Firefox extensions seem to co-exist relatively peacefully. More 
recently Facebook, NetVibes etc are all trying to offer a software 

Firefox is able to offer the browser DOM for developers to hang their 
extension on - and I think it helps to have a structural framework (DOM) 
combined with a behavioural one (Events). The developer can see and feel 
where their lego block fits.

But I think the real dimension our industry needs to crack is "time" - 
even if you have an ecosystem with helpful structural and behavioural 
frameworks - it still needs to withstand the test of time.

It's interesting how bitrot sets in and things start to wobble.

Sadly unlike structural engineers we can't just pour in more cement ...


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