Any Embperl / Modperl hosting ?

Dave Cross dave at
Sun Feb 10 19:55:56 GMT 2008

abhishek jain wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I posted this on embperl official mailing list and received no response may
> be there is no commercial Embperl hosting. Am i correct.
> Pl. say i am wrong and provide me the name of hosts with Embperl and / or
> modperl hosting. i am not talking of a server or VPS but a shared server.

I would be very surprised if you found any commercial hosting that 
includes Embperl in its standard offering. You might find someone who is 
willing to install the required modules for you - but again I think it's 

But I'm most surprised to find there's anyone still using Embperl. I 
only ever came across one project that used it, and the developers all 
hated it.

The lack of response from the mailing list is probably an indication of 
how widely-used it is.

What are you using it for?


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