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Mon Feb 11 15:30:12 GMT 2008

On 11 Feb 2008, at 15:12, David Cantrell wrote:

> This is ON TOPIC because I will use it for watching Buffy, and
> programmes about pies, and the cooking thereof.  While drinking beer.
> Anyway, I need a new display for the Mac Mini that I use for watching
> DVDs and stuff.  It has to fit into a hole measuring 36" by 23", and
> must have either a DVI or HDMI input.  Presumably something sold as  
> a TV
> will be cheaper than something sold as a monitor, and be slightly  
> lower
> resolution.  That doesn't bother me much.  Should it?
> This is replacing a ~26" CRT TV, and I don't want something much
> smaller, which, unfortunately, means that the Apple 23" display is
> probably out.  It's also twice the cost of a Dell.
> Oh, and anyone wanna buy a analogue CRT TV?
> Also, anyone who whines about my use of inches can go fuck themselves.
> With giant flesh-eating snails.
> -- 
> David Cantrell | Nth greatest programmer in the world

As a general rule I'd avoid the low end Dell LCD screens these days.  
They are all built using TN technology [1] which means you get a  
different viewing angle for the top of the screen and the bottom. This  
makes it self evident as a gradient as what should be a flat area of  

If you're willing to stretch to about £400 I can recommend Hyundai  
W240D-PVA 24" [2]. It measures 23" wide by 20" high, has HDMI, DVI,  
VGA and component (3xRCA). HDMI and DVI inputs have HDCP which means  
it will work with a BlueRay player (assuming it wins the format war).

Oh and on resolutions - It goes slightly higher res than 1080p, but  
will automatically stick black bars as needed for smaller res.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TFT_LCD#TN_.2B_film
[2] http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=MO-056-HY

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