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Jonathan Rockway jon at
Mon Feb 11 20:49:14 GMT 2008

* On Mon, Feb 11 2008, Sebastian Riedel wrote:
> 07.02.2008 19:51 Jonathan Rockway:
>> * On Thu, Feb 07 2008, Jeff Anderson wrote:
>>> On Feb 7, 2008 10:41 AM, Ovid <publiustemp-londonpm at> wrote:
>>>> I actually had one developer tell me (make sure you're
>>>> not drinking anything when you read this) "we're re-envisioning OO".
>>> I am now wiping coffee from my monitor. :(
>> Just to be clear, nobody currently involved with the project thinks
>> the
>> plugin system is acceptable.  The same goes for using NEXT.
> Don't think anyone formerly involved with the project thinks the
> plugin system is acceptable. :)

Fair enough :)

> It was always meant to be replaced with a clean event hook system
> later on.

I was a proponent of this system (C::P::Observable, for example), but
that unfortunately doesn't let you add arbitrary methods to the
application class.  Using roles will allow that.

Roles also let us apply plugins to instances instead of classes, if
desired.  For example:;a=blob;f=t/lib/TestApp/Controller/;hb=HEAD

That example lets you apply roles to the request object at runtime; so
C<begin> can inspect the request, and (for example) apply the REST role
if the request is RESTful.  Very clean, so I think that's the way to go.

Oh, and apologies for the OT message!  beer, pie, Perl6 has too
much syntax!111!!1, etc.

Jonathan Rockway

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