home NAS - typical on-topicedness....

Andy Wardley abw at wardley.org
Wed Feb 13 08:49:43 GMT 2008

Bob Walker wrote:
> i quite like my infrant ReadyNAS (now netgear)
> http://www.infrant.com/products/products_details.php?name=ReadyNAS%20NVPlus

<aol>Me Too!</aol>

I got mine from Slim Devices as a bundle along with a couple of Squeezeboxes.
We <heart/> Squeezebox.

The ReadyNAS supports NFS, RSync, SAMBA, FTP, and "Mac" (WTFTM).  So I can
mount it as a drive on my Mac, a partition on my Linux boxen, and everything
can rsync backups to it.  Job done.  It's all pretty much plug-n-play with a
web admin interface.


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