what perl modules are installed

Ian Docherty londonperlmongers at iandocherty.com
Wed Feb 13 13:29:43 GMT 2008

I am sure other people have had this requirement.

How do I find out what perl modules are installed on a system and what 

I have started at a company that has several servers, supposedly all 
servers have the same
modules installed but in practice modules have been installed by a 
variety of means, directly
from cpan, by manual installation, by copying files from other servers. 
I need to be able to
get a list of what is installed on each system.

I have found reference to a file perllocal.pod which is supposed to 
contain the list of perl
modules and their date, but no version and I suspect it is only used 
when doing a 'make'.

Is there a quick way of doing this rather than traversing the @INC 
directories and reading
every file?

Ian C. Docherty (icydee)

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