what perl modules are installed

Adriano Ferreira a.r.ferreira at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 14:33:59 GMT 2008

On Feb 13, 2008 12:09 PM, Edwardson, Tony
<Tony.Edwardson at commerzbank.com> wrote:
> I use the following
> use ExtUtils::Installed;
> my ($inst) = ExtUtils::Installed->new();
> foreach my $module (sort $inst->modules()) {
>         printf "%-30s%s\n", $module, $inst->version($module);
> }

ExtUtils::Installed is for regularly installed files (it reads info
from .packlist files). For modules which were copied into the library
dirs, only traversing @INC will do it right.

> Tony
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> Subject: what perl modules are installed
> I am sure other people have had this requirement.
> How do I find out what perl modules are installed on a system and what
> version?
> I have started at a company that has several servers, supposedly all
> servers have the same
> modules installed but in practice modules have been installed by a
> variety of means, directly
> from cpan, by manual installation, by copying files from other servers.
> I need to be able to
> get a list of what is installed on each system.
> I have found reference to a file perllocal.pod which is supposed to
> contain the list of perl
> modules and their date, but no version and I suspect it is only used
> when doing a 'make'.
> Is there a quick way of doing this rather than traversing the @INC
> directories and reading
> every file?
> Regards
> Ian C. Docherty (icydee)
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