Cached::Memcached::Managed references

Greg McCarroll greg at
Mon Feb 18 19:08:47 GMT 2008

On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at 05:38:24PM +0000, Jason Tang wrote:
> On Mon Feb 18, 2008 at 01:31:24PM +0100, Elizabeth Mattijsen wrote:
> > Isn't this because the "id" is only part of the real key that 
> > Cache::Memcached::Managed uses to cache a value?  Please check the 
> > "DIFFERENCES FROM THE Cache::Memcached API" section in the 
> > Cache::Memcached::Managed pod!
> Thanks Liz.. I knew it was cos I was doing something dumb ;)

It's when you rule out doing something dumb that you are being really

I was writing some data munging code today, semi-complex, spent a good
30 minutes looking at it but somehow a variable was always ending up as

(tbh I should have used the debugger but i'm overly partial to the 
 X one and that wasn't an option.)

It was only after a bathroom break that I realised that I had actually
changed the test code from

  $a = foo($a,$the_misbheaving variable);


  ($a,$the_misbehaving_variable) = foo($a,$the_misbheaving_variable);

Without actually changing the module at hand, and they call it a DWIM
module. Hmm, I wonder an undefined assignment warning would actually be 

Anyway back to dumb things, I think this is one of the reasons that 
estimating time for computing projects is so hard. If you split the time up 

	a)	complex algorithmic code/resource manipulation/scaffolding 
	b)	understanding domain knowledge correctly
		(including what you are actually meant to be doing)
	c)	yak shaving
	d)	doing dumb things

i'd suggest a) takes <5% of the time.


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