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Mon Feb 25 08:55:32 GMT 2008

--- Greg McCarroll <greg at> wrote:

> So I have a request. If you are in London (or England/UK[1]), using
> Perl, wheter you 
> are Venda or Shadowcat, the BBC or Morgan S., could you please email
> me and give me 
> the permission to use your logo on a 'companies who use Perl in
> London'[1] page.

I cannot give you permission to use the BBC's incredibly dull logo on
this page, but I'm reasonably certain that fair use laws might entitle
you to use this one:

> To keep things fair it'll be alphabetical (sorry Venda).

To keep things marketable, how about sorting by company number of
employees, revenue, name recognition or industry?  As the list grows,
this might make things more manageable (though some of that information
is difficult to obtain or subjective).


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