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Mark Keating mdk at
Tue Feb 26 09:47:29 GMT 2008

> On Sat, Feb 23, 2008 at 11:35:39PM +0000, Greg McCarroll wrote:
>> So I have a request. If you are in London (or England/UK[1]), using  
>> Perl, wheter you
>> are Venda or Shadowcat, the BBC or Morgan S., could you please  
>> email me and give me
>> the permission to use your logo on a 'companies who use Perl in  
>> London'[1] page. To keep
>> things fair it'll be alphabetical (sorry Venda).
>> (Also I'd love a website or even just logo page website volunteer  
>> to help keep this
>> up to date).

Hey Greg

You have my permission to use our logo/text (any chance on details of  
size, number of words etc.). As for help maintaining a page etc., I am  
willing to offer my services (humble as they are) if you let me know  
what it entails and I'll see if I am able to do anything.

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