Evil EU::MM hackery required

David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Tue Mar 4 15:05:49 GMT 2008

And possibly some evil Module::Build hackery too, not sure about that

Devel::CheckOS and Devel::CheckLib both come with a little script to let
module authors easily bundle them with their code.

What the scripts do is:
  * create an inc directory in the distribution;
  * fill it with Devel::blah modules
  * add 'use lib inc;use Devel::...' to the start of Makefile.PL
  * add stuff to MANIFEST

and it all works.  However, PAUSE is indexing the inc directory, and
then doesn't like the distribution because the author is uploading a
file containing one of my modules.

The solution is to add no_index to META.yml.  This needs to be done at
'make dist' time.  EU::MM provides no convenient hooks for this - just
a currently undocumented EXTRA_META variable.  And to set that correctly
I'd have to parse and re-write the entire Makefile.PL.  Yuck.

So I need to hook into make dist to shim some of my code in to read
and then write a new META.yml between EU::MM creating it and the
tarball being created.  Buggered if I can figure out how though.  Help

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