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Mark Knoop mark at
Wed Mar 12 09:23:25 GMT 2008

> Just checking you have seen ttree?
> And plugins like:
> As well as some of the other plugins:

Ah ok it figures that this is part of the TT framework. Not sure quite how 
to get it to do what I need on first glance but will spend some time with 

Just to clarify (on rereading my original post it is a bit ambiguous) I am 
currently doing something like the following:

    <index file="index.tmpl">
        <item id="Some_Item" position=1 />
        <item id="Another_Item" position=2 />
        <category="Some_Category" position=1 file="category.tmpl">
            <item id="You_Get_The_Idea" position=1 />
            <item id="Etc" position=2 />
            <category="2nd_Tier" postion=1 file="category.tmpl">
            </ category>
        </ category>
        <category="Another_Category" postion=2 file="category.tmpl">
        </ category>
    <other file="other.tmpl" />
    <etc etc="etc.tmpl />
    <item id="Some_Item" item_meta_data="..." />
    <item id="Another_Item"  item_meta_data="..."  />
    <item id="You_Get_The_Idea"  item_meta_data="..."  />
    <item id="Etc"  item_meta_data="..."  />

and have a script that reads in the <site> data and uses template file which 
have place holders for links to items and other categories - this enables me 
to create large and complex site maps with the same few templates quite 
easily (as long as the pages are all the same, although I can in theory use 
different templates for each file as specified in the category element). 
The pre TT template files look something like this:


so the script can match up links and thumbs to items, create 
multiple pages with forward and back links when there are more then (in this 
case) 6 items in a category. It means I can quickly and easily move content 
items and categories around and rebuild the site.

As always would be interested in other approaches...


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