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Dave Hodgkinson davehodg at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 07:21:53 GMT 2008

On 13 Mar 2008, at 04:42, Bruce Richardson wrote:
>   Exchange
> is unquestionably a bloated resource hog with some odd habits but it
> offers integrated calendars and webmail and suits usually like it.

What he said.

I've replaced a badly configured and maintained Exchange system with  
and it was fine for a time, especially as it was on a Rackspace server  
so the road
warriors and home workers could get at it.

Calendaring became a Big Issue though and there seems to be no  

Once we got VPN set up, a properly managed Exchange server ticked all  
the boxes.

Sad but true.

Dave Hodgkinson
Back in the Market Risk swamp

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