Perl proficiency grading system

Mark Knoop mark at
Thu Mar 13 13:45:46 GMT 2008


Does anyone know of a list of benchmarks or grading criteria (whether 
serious or humorous) which can be used to determine one's proficiency as a 
Perl programmer?

I have an interview for a job which stipulates a 'hardcore' Perl programmer 
(I do not consider myself a hardcore programmer in any sense but as I have 
some other relevant experience I thought I would give it a shot).

Whatever the connotations, 'hardcore' is relative and subjective - they 
could mean someone who has experience programming large OO applications as 
opposed to the odd CGI script or they could be after someone who can hack at 
the internals etc.

Pondering this it occurred to me that the range of possible levels of 
involvement in Perl is so huge it is hard to gauge or communicate that level 
and I wondered whether anyone had tried to solve this?

Perhaps a CPAN module that examines all of one's code and grades one on 
breadth of knowledge, complexity, progamming style etc?


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