Perl proficiency grading system

Nicholas Clark nick at
Thu Mar 13 14:17:04 GMT 2008

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 01:45:46PM -0000, Mark Knoop wrote:
> Hi
> Does anyone know of a list of benchmarks or grading criteria (whether 
> serious or humorous) which can be used to determine one's proficiency as a 
> Perl programmer?

I'm not convinced that the most well known multiple choice trivia test is
actually that useful:

So I wrote my own:

Disclaimer - one of the "correct" answers may well be wrong now. Well, at least
one. On mine. And quite possibly theirs too.

I'm not aware of any other tests. Sadly Klortho The Magnificent has not been
offering Perl Certification recently, but if he restarted, the sorry state of
the Yankee Peso would make them extremely good value for money.

Nicholas Clark

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