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Davut Topcan bocuhk at
Mon Mar 17 21:30:18 GMT 2008

hi again,

firstly, I did not know that my mail was sent to you as spam. but first
reason to subscribe to that list is not to find a job;but also,
when I move there, is to join your activities, have a contact in technical
manner. I am unhappy to know that my name is get as bad.
thank you for your help and answers.

I hope We'll meet in London.


2008/3/17, Nicholas Clark <nick at>:
> Whilst we joke about mention of Perl being off topic for this list, the
> implied corollary that anything and everything not Perl is on topic
> doesn't
> actually hold.
> Hence, mailing a "help me" to a Perl list where neither your summary of
> skills,
> nor your CV itself, makes any mention of Perl, strikes me (and most of us)
> as
> an inappropriate, inconsiderate* and foolish thing to do.
> Sure, your name is now better known. But not for the right reasons.
> I hope you have success in finding yourself a job. I wish you no ill in
> that
> regard. But please realise that spamming your CV to any technical group
> you
> can find does not give a positive impression of your competency in skills
> that potential employers may well be looking for.
> Nicholas Clark
> * Think how many people have wasted a few seconds of their life reading
> your
>   e-mail.

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