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Richard Foley Richard.Foley at
Wed Mar 26 08:22:59 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 26 March 2008 02:31:08 Chris Devers wrote:
>      :%s/:/ /gc
> It'll offer to swap all the colons for spaces (all lines, all  
> instances) asking for confirmation each time. Say [n]o to the first  
> two, then [y]es to the rest of them. Done.
Yes, and the KISS principle is always good to observe - minor mods. might 

1. Find the line:


2. Change all occurences, on this line, with confirmations:

	:s/:/ /gc

3. Now you can say yes to all of them (a), or no (n) or just quit (q) at any 

Richard Foley
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