Spread [was: Books on writing distributed systems]

Mark Blackman mark at blackmans.org
Wed Mar 26 15:20:56 GMT 2008

On 26 Mar 2008, at 13:41, Steve Purkis wrote:
> We were considering using spread as a storage layer for Zimki last  
> year, but never got the chance to try it.  Has anybody had any good/ 
> bad experiences with it?

Yes, I've used it for the archetypical case of shipping and  
aggregrating logs (apache and otherwise)
from multiple servers to multiple destinations. I'm quite happy with  
it generally, but spreadlogd
needed a bit of help to run properly on Slowaris. Generally, I quite  
like it, but it feels a bit
incomplete at the management level.

> On that - has anyone else tried Sava's Spread perl bindings?

We're only using the original Spread 3.X bindings
> http://www.savarese.com/software/
> I've not tried them out yet, and while it isn't available on CPAN  
> it seems a bit more up to date & maintained than the Spread.pm I  
> did find on CPAN.  Unfortunately from what I can tell, they've  
> walked over the root namespace with packages like 'Mailbox':
> http://www.savarese.com/software/SavaSpread/CHANGES
> Though maybe I'm mis-reading that...
> -Steve

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