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Thu Mar 27 07:29:27 GMT 2008

* On Wed, Mar 26 2008, Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
> On 26 Mar 2008, at 17:08, asmith9983 at wrote:
>> To the people who suggested emacs, I'd rather learn Perl 5.10 or
>> Perl6. or even Python than relearning lisp or the emacs OS.
> I've been using emacs for 20+ years and have barely touched lisp. I
> wouldn't
> know lambda calculus if it took all its clothes off and waved a placard
> that reads "I am lambda calculus" in blinking 48-point Comic Sans.

Elisp isn't very computer sciencey, actually.  It's just a scripting
language with a lot of text-editing sugar.  And parens.  Because emacs
is basically keybindings that call the internal lisp functions, if you
know how to use emacs, you know how to write elisp.  (C-h k <some key>
is a good way to figure out what keys call what commands, btw.  C-h f
<function name> will then show you the documentation for that function,
along with the source code.  It's quite nice.)

Anyway, figuring out the details was well worth my time.  If you like
not learning at the expense of not being maximally productive, don't
bother with elisp.  If you have a weekend to kill, read the docs.  You
won't regret it.

Jonathan Rockway

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