Random Perl 6 syntax rant

Andy Wardley abw at wardley.org
Tue Apr 1 09:11:09 BST 2008

Here's my anti-favourite new unintuitive Perl6 syntax snippet.

   for =$*IN -> $guess {

According to the source[1]:

   Writing =$*IN means "get me the iterator to read from $*IN", which reads a
   line at a time

Which is presumably a lot "better" than something like, say:

   for <IN> -> $guess {

Or even,

   for $guess in <IN> {

I know Perl has a reputation for being unreadable line noise, but I didn't
think this was the single quality that Perl 6 was trying to emphasise.  Sigils
are a nice idea, but not when you have to wade through three of them before
you can reach the symbol name.

I am *so* not teaching my grandma[2] Perl 6.  Can I has python?



[1] http://www.rakudo.org/2008/03/rakudo-gets-some-io.html
[2] She's dead anyway.  I don't imagine she has much use for it.

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