Better Perl

Nigel Rantor wiggly at
Thu Apr 3 15:31:19 BST 2008

Meh, the perl rant has gone off into troll territory about IDE's now.

Someone did link to a couple of Perlmonks articles, particularly:

I'm not so sure this question really appeals to me. More exciting I can 
do without, I want a *better* Perl, how about some of the following?

- sane threading model

- simplify syntax in future versions (fewer sigils, cleaner type system)

- go multiparadigm with better OO model and add some functional stuff if 
that suits you.

- steal from Ruby/Lisp/C++ with compile/run-time metaprogramming tools

I am not someone who wants to hack on Perl's guts, I'm more likely to 
use something else until I find it isn't good enough (I may eventually 
hit this with Ruby, but for personal projects it seems fine so far), and 
if I need speed it comes down to C/C++ anyway.

Basically, how about we get more people using Perl by making the 
language better instead of the fragmented tar pit Perl6 looks like from 
the outside?


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