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Jonathan Rockway jon at
Thu Apr 3 17:29:17 BST 2008

* On Thu, Apr 03 2008, Nigel Rantor wrote:
> Sorry if I sound grumpy today, it is just becasue I like Perl and want
> to see it evolve within my lifetime[0].

* On Thu, Apr 03 2008, Nigel Rantor wrote:
> Right on. All I want is more tools, with better interfaces in my Perl
> toolkit...

I take the viewpoint of "you can control your own destiny."  If you want
better Perl tool support, write the tools.  If you want a new version of
Perl, write a new version of Perl.  If you're not doing those things,
why do you expect other people to be doing them?

Jonathan Rockway

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