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muppet scott at asofyet.org
Sat Apr 5 00:14:28 BST 2008

On Apr 3, 2008, at 5:24 AM, Dave Cross wrote:
> The other issue is that people get too tied to a particular IDE. At  
> one company I worked at the technical interview consisted of two  
> hours in front of a PC with a simple programming task. Perl  
> programmers seemed to have no trouble with this, but many of the  
> Java people we saw floundered a bit because they didn't have access  
> to their particular favourite IDE. It was like they weren't Java  
> programmers, but Intelli-J programmers or Eclipse programmers.  
> Without the right tools, they had no idea where to start.

You know, this is why i resist the temptation to customize my editor  
heavily -- so that when working at someone else's machine, i'm not  
spending the whole time saying "oh, wait, you don't have that  
macro"...  like a couple of customization-loving cow-orkers.

Instead, people marvel that i use vim's record and :map features on a  
daily basis.

If the monkey could type one keystroke every nanosecond, the expected  
waiting time until the monkey types out Hamlet is so long that the  
estimated age of the universe is insignificant by comparison ... this  
is not a practical method for writing plays.
   -- Gian-Carlo Rota

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