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Jonathan Tweed jonathan at
Sun Apr 6 12:50:15 BST 2008

On 4 Apr 2008, at 14:41, Aaron Trevena wrote:

> On 04/04/2008, Jonathan Tweed <jonathan at> wrote:
>> On 4 Apr 2008, at 11:23, "Aaron Trevena" <aaron.trevena at>  
>> wrote:
>>> BBC
>> Moving to Java and PHP.
> Right. Have you read the reason's behind 'Perl on Rails', the BBC
> isn't replacing Perl with Java or PHP. Seriously, check your facts.

I work for the BBC on a core internal system written in Perl for  
aggregating programme metadata for multiplatform distribution. Not  
surprisingly one of our major clients is the team that makes / 

I am therefore very familiar with the reasons "Perl on Rails" (that's  
not what's it's called internally) was written and the arguments as to  
why it should never have been written. I have even made a small  
contribution to that project directly.

The BBC is making a move towards Java for backend services and PHP for  
page assembly. This has already been discussed publicly:


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